Chewing Gum and Your Smile

As crazy as it sounds, chewing gum may indeed help protect your teeth from cavities. On its exterior, the idea of chewing on something to increase your oral health may seem illogical, but it does have its perks. Nevertheless, if you suffer from any jaw condition such as TMD, chewing gum should not be used.

Sugarless gum is designed to encourage a healthy smile, with many products containing elements to freshen your breath or remove stains and discolorations and whiten your smile. However, the capability of sugarless gum to fight cavities is due to the upsurge in saliva the gum produces. When your mouth creates more saliva, it can keep your mouth cleaner and wash away dangerous ingredients. Saliva is also a natural acid neutralizer and useful for your enamel.

Saliva also helps keep heartburn at bay, and thus it is often used to lower your risk for heartburn by chewing more sugarless gum. If you should contract heartburn, the gum can help spur the construction of saliva, which can neutralize any harmful acids that may be traveling up your esophagus towards your teeth.

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