Adult Smiles are Still Vulnerable to Cavities

Do you think your adult smile is indestructible? If so, you are off base. Even though we all wish it was true, our smiles are still vulnerable to dental issues, even tooth decay. However, there are things you can do regularly to keep your oral health in tip-top shape and prevent cavities, and Dr. Jacob Shrayman is more than happy to tell you all about them.

First, clean your smile regularly by keeping up on oral hygiene. This means you need to brush twice a day and floss once a day. You can also rinse with beneficial mouthwash daily to complete the cleaning job and freshen your breath. Cleaning your smile can remove bacteria and other harmful substances from your mouth before they harm your chompers. As you clean your smile, use oral hygiene tools that have been approved by the American Dental Association.

Second, visit Dr. Jacob Shrayman every six months for a routine dental cleaning and exam. These appointments are vital because the treatment we provide can strengthen and nourish your teeth, giving them the ability to prevent cavities. So, please remember to attend your appointments.

Third, have a healthy diet that limits sugar consumption as much as possible. This means it’s best to eat tooth-healthy foods regularly, like vegetables, fruits, and dairy products. These things can strengthen and clean your teeth.

If you do these things, there is a high chance you can maintain a cavity-free smile in Verona, New Jersey. For more information, please call Jacob Shrayman, DDS at (973) 791-4104 at your earliest convenience. Our dental team is happy to help you in any way we can, and we look forward to helping you achieve your smile goals!

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