Fixing Chipped Teeth

If you chip a tooth, don’t fear – there is hope to have that tooth restored to its former glory!

It’s not a pleasant experience, but chipping a tooth isn’t the end of the world for your oral health, or your teeth. In fact, technology has advanced to the point that fixing chipped teeth is a pretty easy proposition. And, it’s something that Dr. Jacob Shrayman and the team in Verona, New Jersey have a lot of experience with.

So if you ever chip a tooth, or have and haven’t yet had it fixed, here are some of the options you have for treatment.

Dental bonding is a popular choice for those with smaller chips or cracks. It’s a process where a resin is used to fill in the cracks, or in the case of a chip, is used to recreate that part of the tooth. Once Dr. Jacob Shrayman gets the resin into the right position so it looks completely natural, the resin is hardened with a UV light. It’s then polished to match the exact color and texture of your surrounding teeth.

Dental crowns might be the most popular method for fixing broken teeth. If your chip is particularly large, you may want to look into crowns. They’re essentially caps that fit over the top of a broken tooth, restoring both its looks and function.

This is a bit far for a chipped tooth, but if your tooth was damaged severely, an implant may be a good choice. The chipped tooth is removed, a titanium post is inserted where the tooth was, and covered with a crown to make it look like a real tooth.

You have a lot of choices to help deal with any kind of chipped tooth. To learn more, call us at (973) 791-4104 at Jacob Shrayman, DDS today!

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