Great Oral Health for the Family

Parenting is far from easy, with the pressure of providing for all the needs your kids have, to being a good example, it’s really easy to feel overwhelmed. One thing that seems to be overlooked quite often is the need to set a good example of oral health for your kids.

So to help you institute great oral health for the entire family, our team here at Jacob Shrayman, DDS in Verona, New Jersey, put this piece together to help you set and establish great oral health habits on a family level.

Start them young
The sooner your kids begin brushing, the better things will be for their oral health. If you ingrain these habits in them early, you’ll see the habits carry into their teen years and as they become adults. This helps lower your dental bills since you likely won’t have to pay for cavity fillings, and it helps keep your children healthier overall – something all parents want for their kids.

Be the floss boss
Lastly, it’s important to never skip flossing – and to let your kids see you never skip this important oral health habit. Without flossing you can’t clean all of the areas of your mouth where debris and plaque build up. Floss is essential, and getting your kids familiar with it from an early age helps establish great oral health for your family.

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