Post-Extraction Dental Care | Dentist in Verona, NJ

One of the perks of having a tooth pulled at Jacob Shrayman, DDS is that Dr. Jacob Shrayman uses extreme skill and care, making the procedure quick and painless. Afterward, if necessary, he will offer a tooth replacement treatment to restore your smile. When the procedure is complete, he will supply you with special care instructions to speed healing and prevent infection.

In addition to taking pain medication and following a personalized diet, you should adhere to this basic care routine:

1. Maintain good dental care. Keeping your mouth clean will prevent bacteria from infecting the area where your tooth was extracted. Don’t brush or floss the exposed area or surrounding teeth. Rinse your mouth gently.

2. Avoid drinking through a straw for 24 hours. The suction could dislodge the blood clot that needs to form over the root area.

3. Refrain from using tobacco and other products that could jeopardize the exposed area.

4. If you experience swelling or severe pain, contact Jacob Shrayman, DDS immediately. Place a cold compress on the swollen side of your mouth. Mild discomfort and tenderness is common after a tooth extraction, but harsher pain could be a sign of infection or dry socket.

If you have questions regarding post-extraction dental care, or would like to schedule an appointment to have a tooth examined, feel free to contact us at (973) 791-4104. We are located in Verona, New Jersey.

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